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Friday, July 11, 2008

New Casa La 7 site.

Thank you AINI!!!!!!
For helping me out with the new Casa La 7 site and for giving me a NEW HEADER.
I look so hot, ahahahahahaaha!!!!!
Well, the new site name is...
Gavin has found a boyfriend 8 years his senior, where the boyfriend took him dancing and probably got into his pants an ass by now but whatever.
Desmond 'married' a dude who he only dated for TWO months.
Anna and Lawrence lost their virginity before Lawrence says bye bye to Kuching and took a damn plane all the way to Melbourne, Australia.
While Brendan is going to Swinburne, who will meet new friends and old ones and will probably join his classmates in tacky, hobo barbecues, drink kiddie soda, talk in Ah beng/lian crappery and sing karaoke songs till we break our vocal chords.

Bottom line, I am punishing my friends for ignoring my blog for the past month cause they are too busy sulking in their scrawny, pathetic lives and I, suffered the worst fate, having to see all those shitty people again. PMS is starting again, getting angry for no reason again, God felt so philosophical.

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