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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My first 2 days in Swinburne

First of all, I would like to say to the beloved script writers of the WWE,


He is WAY WORSE than any ah lian or ah beng doing ECW commentary.
Raw is so dead, now I am going to hear Lilian Halls, Coffee Kingston, Jammy Nobel, Candy Mitchell, Chris Jellico and John Sena.

Back to my first two days, classes are okay. Not that good, yet not that horrible. Still trying to adjust over there, cause well I still don't feel comfortable. Met Mian Saing and Hsun Yuan so at least I have my little gang of friends, not much of a familia but sure its okay.

But on the social point of view and my adaptability to the school might take sometime. Well, I am a little more gloomy than usual as I am not used to my surroundings. The place is like so HOT! Everyone seems, well, falling in to their won group. I mean, some of the foundation kids on my semester already made their own little posse and stuff. Won't be long till they join the lets-hold-a-barbie-outside-like-a-bunch-of-hobos club.

Still I don't fit in and I still don't dare to go to these places in campus alone.
  • The Cafeteria
  • Chillipeppers
  • Gym
  • Library
  • Computer Room
  • Lounge
  • Practically everywhere
I have no balls, lol
And I am very quiet too, shy too.
Just smile at people, that's all.
I spend my lunch at Spring, alone
It has sort of become my home, in a way.

Plus, I found a new Jenny and Eric, God does love to torture me so much. huh?
Luckily they are engineering students.
They are like Jenny and Eric, only they look more smarter than trash, lol.
But there are like
4 AH LIANS IN SOME OF MY CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Not 1, not 2, not 3
freaking 4
4 stupid looking ah lians
with their trashy fashion and dangling flying mutated chihuahuas
Plus I saw them checking in their emails and stuff
Looking at junk
In their shitty 9.90 clothes from some grocery store.
They hang out together like Sex and the City...
Ah Lian Kuching style.

I am so dead in Swinburne.
Plus, I noticed someone with a mop of hair that looks like SHIT
and the voice sounds so damn familiar.
Like Hubert and like he has a girlfriend or something.
New Eric and Jenny?
Those of you who know him just tell me
I just wanna know some of the gossip
and you bet that I am going to stir some of my own
I just don't know how.

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