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Monday, July 14, 2008

The top 10 depressing things in Malaysia.

Ladies and gentleman, I bring you the top ten most depressing things in Malaysia.
This list of things and stuff about my post will be under the list this label.
So if you want to know about the list of things.
You have a 'list this' label to help you.
Well, lets start with number ten shall we?
Drum rolls please.
*Drum rolling*

And at number ten of the top 10 of most depressing things in Malaysia goes to...

Malaysian Slang!

Yes, Ladies and gentleman, this is the tenth most depressing thing in Malaysia.

Why, you may ask?
Like a base or foundation ie at the bottom.
Malaysian Slangs and its language Manglish
is depressing because some people are not fully fluent in all languages.
So we have to talk to them in Manglish
A mixture or rojak of words in English, Melayu, Hua Wen and some other dialect usually Guang Dong or Hokkien can be linked in a sentence to communicate someone.
Tenses, grammar and other stuff are excluded (making this a very easy language)
As long as ppl get it, you are in the clear really.

And then the more depressing part is some people don't understand your english unless their is a 'la', 'mah', 'loh' and whatever extra slang they use.

For example:
A: Its like this.
B: Like what? Hah? i dun understand worhxxxxx

A: Like this gua
B: Owh, like this hah?
A: Ya lah:
B: Oh thank you thank you
*Proceeds to talk about ah beng/lian crappery

Dpressing ain't it?
More coming soon.

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