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Friday, November 14, 2008

Driving around

Okay, okay, I am hearing the signs of angry mobs forming, scheming and rioting me to update my blog and Casa La 7 so here goes.

I have been driving around town in the Gay Car. Here, there, basically everyway.

First, Meng Siang asked me out to go and help him find a ram, rom, rim or whatever in Saberkas. Personally, I don't like that place, too old, needs a makeover. Then I took a car and met up with Chris, the crazy dude who decided to do whatever who was working in this smelly restaurant near the Timberland private hospital. Funny, when I hear Timberland, I thought of shoes when Kuching people heard of Timberland they thought of the private hospital. At least we don't need to confuse ourselves with Timbaland the hip hop artist/music producer. Then I headed off, CANVAS BAG in tow to Cold Storage and got myself some drinks. Though I should have gone to the spring, things are heaps cheaper there.

The next day, which is today, I went off in a quest to find a replacement of some of my things lost. Unfortunately, the item is unavailable which means I am in deep, deep shit. I went off to Sarawak Plaza which I did not realized that it was still in renovation, how should I know. Then I headed off all the way, for some reason to Hock Lee Centre which bores me, cause the place is exceptionally boring and I can't find my thing. Then I detoured to the Spring, (yes, yes my flagship mall) and still can't find it so in the end I bought some donuts and went home.

By the way, today is November 14th, my mom's birthday whose Napoleon Cake was vacuumed by the Vacuum cleaner himself, Ryan Goh in a matter of seconds. So if you care, wish her a happy birthday. I already did so no need announce it on my blog, cause she doesn't read it, but knows about it and I forbade her to read it and my dad is also forbidden in fact, almost everyone in my family is forbidden to read my blog. Why? its a public blog. Everyone but the other four members of my family are allowed to read it

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