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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

To make a good blog.

To make a good blog is honestly not as easy as it looks,
To some people, posting short notes about their life is called a post
or posting a lot of salivating food around is called a good blog
Generally, a good blog can be fitted into any genre.
Now don't worry that your blog is all words or all pics
What the most important part is the content
Now, I know that writing is a great talent of mine which obviously comes to me naturally
This is proven okay.

So now, I am not going to be a big braggy showoff and say that 'OOO, I am a great writer and so talented... bla bla bla... trying to write and publish a book during summer sem... bla bla bla... i write better stories that put J.K. Rowling to shame... bla bla bla'
So if you want your ideas, thoughts, feelings that raw and processed through your fingers and present it the way you wanted it in the words in a blog post.
Just follow the steps below
A not so short last note,
Your blog needs not to be popular, it can be private if you want to
Nobody says a great blog is a famous one anyways.
We only want it to be popular cause we limelight hogs want all the fame.

Number One: Know your subject well
Whether its a person, subject, game or whatever, you definitely need to know the subject well.
How well? Well, enough for you to sing his praises or thrashed him like the chump he is.
Be observant to know your subject
How he dresses, acts and attitude is ennough really to thrash the person
You wanna be even more cruel, sin his praises, get close to him and then thrash him
However, only those who are truly cold can do it
Not recommended for amateurs.
As for stuff, make sure you know them well

If its a game or music, make sure you have listened to it or play it please.

For movies or equipment
Don't give any short notes like 'The movie sucks because i don't get it'
or ' the movie sucks because the acting is very poor'
or 'troy bolton very the sissy in high school musical 3'
You must be specific, like if the 'Disaster Movie' is a, well, disaster.
Then you have to explain why.
Is it because the acting is poor.
Is it because the storyline doesn't make any sense
Or is it Kim Kardashian's boons are the only interesting aspects of the movie
You have to give some examples or else people just don't get it.

Number 2: Be specific
Being specific means being personal.
We have to make sure it is our own, raw and original
especially when it comes to feelings.
We need different volcabulary to do this to make it specific
If your english is not good, well try and use a good dictionary to help
Oxford's advanced learner's dictionary helps a lot.
But if you are not advanced like me, well a good normal dictionary from Oxford is fine
Other than Oxford, you can try cambridge or longman.
Webster is strictly for American English.
If not mistaken.
If you are lazy to look up in a dictionary, a thesaurus is a better way
It gives you alternatives and more specific words for you to use.
Like happy can be relieved, glad, joyous or estatic.
Its faster that way.

Number 3: Spacing and organize
Don't bla all the way down, you need to let them breathe
A few enters or breaks in between is nice
Or press 'enter' everytime you need to start a new sentence
However, you need to make it organize
Like one topic per paragraph, organize it clearly.

Number 4: Linking
Makesure is relevant
Never go off topic
Make sure that there is a connection from top to bottom
Lose it halfway and you will leave the reader in disappointment.

Number 5: Change topics
If you are some anime whackjob who goes gaga over jap anime
Don't post it like every post is about it, unless of course you dedicate your blog to it.
Make it more different and versatile
Like first I trash Hubert
and how I am teaching you how to trash him is two different things
Put stuff up sparingly to not bore your audience.

Number 6: Never incite hate in your blog
Now I do not mean hating people, its fine, you can hate him or her
Provided if you have a very solid reason to hate him or her
And everyone agrees
Like Hubert, Jenny, Eric, Senk Siang and a couple of those bratty Sungai Maong pieces of shit for example.
These people are nobodies so feel free to trash him or her
Of course not a lot of people agree so expect repercussions
But not to worry about that.
If the person is a politician or someone famous
Be sure that there is a majority that agrees.
You can't simply trash em if you think they just suck
Especially in this country where media is controlled and you can get arrested if you 'break' the rules.
Unless of course the person incited a hate crime first through the media, then feel free to do what kenny sia did.
Not eligible: Sarah Palin
Why: Cause she is what she is, you can't bitch about her if you don't really know her that well, and if you are not American, then you have not even a shred of right to do that
Eligible: Some guy who says Chinese are squatters
Why: He tried to destroy and further strain the already fragile interracial tolerance between races in Malaysia. So go ahead and trash him if you must, I won't do it cause honestly, I don't care. Malaysian politics have more drama than the 3 brands of WWE combined.
But honestly, never incite hate on your blog in general terms like you insulting blacks, whites, muslims, christians, gays, transexuals, chicken, tuna, KFC (well maybe not KFC) or whatever.
Its just wrong.

Number 7: Your blog, your rules.
This is your blog, go ahead and do what you want with it
Just makes sure it is interesting
I might not like all of it.
But then again, who cares
Your blog, your rules.
I don't like people blogging crap about their mundane lives that do not have the balls to publish their opinion online
And if you are one of them
Honestly, change
Change for the better

These are a few good tips on running a good blog
Next I think I will give some tips on publishing a good post
Brendan Goh, the currently-trying-to-be-a-philantropist-sort-of

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Mysterious God Of Light said...

I'm a newbie in Blogging, and I seriously need this piece of advice. Thx for writing this great info.

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