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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

My blog, my rules.

I really really really really hate it when someone critisizes my blog
I just don't like it period.
I take my blog very personally and very seriously.
I mean if you say my blog sucks for like 3 times, I would just slap you or worse
I don't care if you are some six pack joe or a respected politician
I don't care if you are some stranger or my own mother
I don't care if you are a bastard like Hubert or my girlfriend
I don't care if you are my brother or my dogs
I don't care if you are some kid or a grandmother
I don't care if you are human or from outer space
I don't care if you are a cold blooded killer or some vegetarian philantropist
I don't care whatever you are
When you insult my blog,
be prepared for a bitch fight
My blog, my rules.
Don't like it, then don't come to my blog.
There are better and more bitchier blogs around the world than mine

I know sometimes I can be bitchy and mean
but honestly, Kenny Sia, Xiaxue, Susan and Perez Hilton have more bitchier,shrewd and mean blogs than mine.
If we have someone that is like the Vancome Lady, then we have the bitchiest blog in the world

You know, I only talk bad about people in my blog because they talk bad about me.
I also talk bad about em if they are lame and I just can't stop doing it
Needs a wake up call.

I mean this is MY BLOG
My feelings, my life, my moodiness and stuff is all real here
Its raw and real.
I take my blogging seriously and very personally.
That's why sometimes, I get very pissed off that some people post crap into their blog
I mean when you post stuff, at least make it interesting.
Don't blog about things that people just can't understand
I mean your english doesn't need to be lousy
Just that your words are able to connect to the reader.
On an emotional level
If it attracts readers if a certain genre that's great
My blog is for readers who like imagination or plain avid readers
Its all words.
Like those people who say my blog is boring, there is a 99% chance that he or she doesn't read books or owns computer, do not know what is a blog, let alone the internet or the computer.
I can't cater to everyone, I accept that
Who cares if you don't like it
My blog my rules.
I mean if you come here and trash my blog
That just means 2 things
You are think that my blog is influential and that I am popular, on my way to blog celeb status.
Which you have to give me your name, I should treat you some nice drinks
No seriously, thanks for thinking that I am a greatly influential person
You are plain stupid

I know that now
So, I will not be explaining myself or apologizing or beating myself up everytime someone trashes me
Or cry or whatever
I will just leave it that way, ban you or delete you
When there is haters, you know there is lovers
And being a hater means you care
So haters, thank you for caring about me

The opposite of love is not hate, its indifference - Marcia Cross
So you don't like me, leave me alone
Brendzblog is continuing for the rest of my life.

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