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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Summer Semester

Its summer semester people
For people who don't understand why we attend school this time of the year
Its because we have to take MPW subjects or Mata Pelajaran Wajib
Which means Eye Learning Compulsory, kidding
Its Compulsory Subjects.
So we have two subjects.
Malaysian Studies
Moral Studies.
*my ass*

Lectures are big and like 100 plus kids cramped in a not so cramped room
I know this because there are places for me to put my bag and raise my feet up onto the chair with no one else giving the *look at the uncivilized punk* linger.

Gary and I are in the same class.
Which you prolly think its cool to have your cousin (by marriage) to hang with you right?
Its not
We barely speak to each other, lol
If only Derrick were here
He would be the catalyst that attaches Gary's large group of friends which includes Cally, Jamie and a set of HOT twins with me and 'comma so gay' or Tan Meng Siang
Yeah yeah
I know its pathetic
My 'sort of' gay couple of two comparing with Gary's platoon if you can say.
He's made a lot of friends
unlike me
Who has like a lots of acquaintances, two gay dudes and a sworn brother.
I am not calling them gay, they just LOOK gay as in campy and have a sort of attraction to men

So I have a total of 3 lecturers.
Wait I have 2 subjects
This is cause two middle age men are sharing mt moral studies class to teach (at least its not a bed)
So my Malaysian studies lecturer is a female
She is obsessed with the door thing, whether to lock or unlock it or whatever.
She is also sort of a preacher of patritism
Malaysian Studies is a revision of the past
Like Form 1,2 and 3 history
Yeah that was WAAAAYYYYYY back.
Luckily she told us that the implications and consequences are important, not the names (thank god)
History is one boring tabloid magazine
Unfortunately its the only tabloid that we are forced to study
Who cares if there is Parawhatevera and Malacca and stuff
When you can anticipate who is Brangelina's seventh kid?
I already remembered those things (history, not Brangelina's seventh kid, I am not obsessed)

Moral is a study of ethics
Bla bla bla
Ethic is vicious or virtuous
bla bla bla
bla bla bla
forgot forgot forgot
something something something
*turns on iPod*
I can't take it any longer
Thought that we were stronger
All we do is linger
Slipping through my fingers
I don't wanna try now
its just get about to
I hate this part right here
I hate this part right here
I just can't take these tears
I hate this part here

The lecturer as I said is two dudes
The first one was well
A blur
I was listening for about 5 seconds and then turned on my iPod and then
Well and then I dunno what happened really

The second one
was filled with VERY VERY LAME JOKES
You know your parents are bad
so they are not superman, they are batman
I know they are lame cause I laugh
I laugh at lame jokes for some reason.
Then when he goes to teaching
Yeah, I blanked out too

Well, moral of this blog post is
Well, there is no moral.
Cause I don't think there is one

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