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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tagged by Mun Yin

Just when I was about to do a new Casa La 7 post and a new post here.
While watching 90210, I got tagged by Mun Yin
This means only one thing
I have a blog to add to my list for convenience of unleashing vengeance filled with long, lenghty, annoying, reality shocking, bitchy tags.

So now lets do zis tag.

1. Do you like anyone? I like almost everyone, almost.

2. Do they know it? They all know it, spread the love y'all

3. Simple or complicated? Brendan is always complicated, sometimes too complicated that it is actually simple.

4.. Bought something? Thanks for the Memories, Cecelia Ahern which I haven't read.

5. Gotten sick? nope.

6. Been hugged? yeah.

7. Felt stupid? Uh, what does this question mean?

8. Talked to an ex? No, he's a motherchucking manwhore

9. Missed someone? Nope

10. Failed a test? Add Math, Physics, Moral Suckies in High School

11. Danced? Everyday

12. Gotten your hair cut? not yet

13. Lied? Duh. Is this a tag for nine year olds?

14. Nervous habits? Hyperventilating when I am excited, includes coughing, vomiting and shortness of breath

15. Are you double jointed? nope.

16. Can you raise one eyebrow? Can you smelllllllaalalalalalalalala. What the Rock is cooking?

17. Can you cross your eyes? no idea

18. Do you make your bed daily? Uh. is this some entrance exam for Amish nuns?

19. Do you think you are unique? Brendan Goh Chun Hian has the Brendzfactor, a level of entity that no one else has. That unique enough for you?

20. Said " I Love You" ? This question is obviously diverted to brainless, shy, douche bag ah lians, which I am so not.

21.. Given money to a homeless person? No, I kidnapped them and sold them as prostitutes in Cambodia

22. Smoked? I don't smoke cigarettes or cigars or anything that might cause me to get cancer. I never smoked ham but I have smoked dick before.

23. Waited all night for a phone call? Not a dog, thank you.

24. Snuck out? I have been smeaking out of my house since I was ten. Gosh, its a normality to me now.

25. Sat and looked at the stars?
*looks up*
Anna: Stars!
Brendan: Helicopter
Reality: Helicopter.

26. Do you swear/curse? Read my blog yet?

27. Do you ever spit? Only when I am sick or when there is mucus in me that needs to be ridden off.

28. You cook your own food? Yes, I do and I am planning to bake come Chinese New Year.

29. You do your own chores? I am like cinderella, waiting for my princess charming so that we could engage in hot lesbian sex.

30. You like beef jerky? Its tasty, I love it but its like a real rare find here.

31. You're happy with your life? Wait hold on a sec, limbs intact, active pulse, vitals signs are all good, no self inflicted injuries, yeah I am happy.

32. You own a dog? 3. Currently, two are whores and one is currently going out everyday to satisfy himself. I didn't know there were so many female strays in the neighborhood.

33. You spend your money wisely? Is this some kind of Parent Allowance Evaluatation Form cause I don't know if I spend my money wisely. How do you do that? You buy, you happy and then you wait till next month.

34. Do you like to swim? I am one with the water.

35. When you get bored do you call a friend? Sorry, I prefer IMs

36. Flowers or Angels? A.N.G.E.L

37. Grey or Black? Black, once you go black, you can't go back.

38. Color or Black and White photos? I would leave that decision to Tyra.

39. Lust or Love? Both, duh. You want someone who cares about you and also that someone must also be horny. I like love but I also need to feel alive.

40. Sunrise or Sunset?Night person, figure it out.

41. M&Ms or Skittles? Chewy, Fuity Tutty, Colordul Skittles! Suck. M&Ms please!

42. Staying up late or Waking up early? My bed time is 4 a.m.

43. Being Hot or Cold? Your hot then you are cold, your are yes then you are no, you are in and you are out...

44. Winter or Fall?Who cares, luv em both.

45. Left or Right? Lefty

46. Having 10 acquaintances or 2 best friends? I had sex with my best friends.

47. Been dumped? Andrew, let me make this clear. I DUMP YOU.

48. Stolen money from a friend? That's just low. Too low

49. Been in a fist fight? I am a guy, so yeah.

50. Snuck out of your house? Wait a sec, wasn't that question repeated?

51. Had a crush on a teacher? Ms Hu!!!! Jk jk.

52. Seen someone die? Gramps

53. Been on an airplane? Sorry, I am not one of those people who stare at the side of the airplane field and talk to their sons or daughters like this. 'Kid take a look at that airplane fly, cause we can only afford to watch them fly.'

54. Slept all day? Nah, not that much of a sloth

55. Missed someone so much it hurt? No, but I missed Haagen Dazs so much that it hurt

56. Fallen asleep during school? No, if there is no reason

57. Been lonely? I am alone, hello?

58. Cheated in a game? Its no crime, plus i get to kick serious ass without crying if I fail.

59. Been to the ER? Yeah, beside me is Dr. Grey, Dr. Yang, Dr. Montgomery, Dr Sheperd, Dr. Torres, Dr. Bailey, Dr. Sloane, Dr. Stevens, Dr. Karev and Dr. O Malley.

60. Been in a car accident? Yeah

61. Had detention? Sorry, disciplinary actions here have a more primal and primitive form of punishment, whacking people in the ass with sticks.

62. Missed your first love? No

63. Cried yourself to sleep? Obviously so

64. Sung in the shower? In the room, in the car, in the bar but not in the shower

65. Kissed a complete stranger? Yeah.

66. Laughed so hard you cried? yeah

67. Cheated on a bf/gf? Ooo. no

68. Regretted hurting someone? i am remorseless, if I hurt someone, well they hurt me first.

69. Regretted loving someone? Andrew

70. I Tag : Aini, Derrick, Gary and Jamie

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