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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Brendan? Playing Prince of Persia? Yeah right, just a fib!!

Its not.
I am playing Prince of Persia
But I am not touching Sands of Time or the third title, which I forgot.
I am touching the one called Warrior Within
Which is like an almost five year old game.
Lame I know
So how did I become a POP fan as of late?
I mean, come on, RPGs are so not my thing.
With the new POP coming out in PS3, you think that a hardcore gamer like me will get it now

I will usually play 3 kinds of games.
Fighting(Soulcalibur), fighting that involves killing (Mortal Kombat, Dynasty Warriors), and fighting involving a subtle content of softcore pornography (wrestling).
Of course I do play the occasional soccer (Manchester United, thank you)
I used to play Tomb Raider but I got fed up plus my then younger brother who was around 7 or 8 at the time peed on it (not kidding).
Oh yeah, I also play Lego games like Lego Batman, Lego Star Wars and Lego Indiana Jones (which sucks just as bad as the latest movie and whatever movie that has Nicholas Cage star as the leading role i.e. Bangkok Dangerous and Ghost Rider. National Treasure is still okay. )
I only play one first person shooter which is Call of Duty, Finest Hour.
Sims games too but I got bored with every single one after a day or so.
I am a big Final Fantasy fan though I only managed to finish Final Fantasy X2 and Grimoire of the Rift.
Racing games are a past love but now I refrain from them because
  1. They contribute to air and noise pollution (okay la, not so la)
  2. They encourage Ah Bengs to create monster junk roaming around the road like some fucking Twisted Metal Competition.

Though I still play Twisted Metal, destroying cheap Ah Beng Cars and racing them is 2 different things
GTA fan, sort of but I only take pleasure of using it to reenact, currently a version of chaos ala Thai or Indian. (Throwing bombs on cars then watch the chain reaction occur). Kotaro Fuma would be proud.
Oh yeah, I love Harvest Moon too but its been a while since I planted vegetables, reared chicken, sheeps and cows and fantasy fucking flirting with the village girls.

No Dota, period.
The game sucks, period
It sucks because I suck and it also sucks because its not interactive at all, period.
It also sucks because my bro will grab MY laptop and then dig himself into a hole somewhere and 'hibernate' via playing the game for like ever.
I say hibernate cause he never eats, drinks or excretes but he is breathing and clicking.
Never caring that my laptop is suffering from a very high fever and my dad who never stops nagging like some grandma.

So anyway, back to my story
I actually wanted to by Dynasty Warriors 6 on the PS2 at Saberkas
So I went home and the disc doesn't work
Ask the shopkeeper
She tried about 4 or 5 other disc
All do not work
So the 'lao ban' or the owner ask me to choose others
Since DW6 cost me 10 freaking bucks since its on DVD9, my ass
I choose FIFA 2009 and Prince of Persia: Warrior Within instead
Cause my bro likes soccer and I decided to give this game a shot
In the end
I love it
Now I am playing this hard game
Jumping around, running on walls, flying off from ropes and curtains
And killing sex crazed, bitch whore ninjas whose sexual pleasure is to kick my damn ass
Which pisses me off since they like to jump over me, showing their pussies to the lucky prince no doubt since they jumped over him, spreading their legs in the process.
Unfortunately, I have no time for smelly vah jays jays so I could do the one thing, any honorable gentleman would to whores like them.
By slicing their heads off.

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