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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Talk about torture
As my other classmates are suffering with the intense pressure of exams
I, on the other hand am sufferinng from the most irritant disease known to mankind
Chicken Pox!!!!!!!!!!!!

Honestly to tell you the truth it is killing me literally
It itches and it pains
Every morning, my back aches like hell
I have to take numerous showers just to stop the itching
I have to take like 22 pils ever single day
Take like 1 gallon of water
Making me feel like a pregnant woman
Because of the weight and very frequent peeing
I get soup with some noodles (boiled)
I have to eat loads of fruits and vegies
The only source of meat is some badly tasted boiled meatballs
Oh yeah, I have to drink coconut
Loads and loads of coconut!!!!!!
Its horrible I tell ya!

The first few days, I am only active for about 8 hours while the rest of the time is spent sleeping.
I actually have the energy to type this post
With the bottom end of a pen.
The first few days, I am technically bedridden
Can't even move
I can't scratch because the fever was so high that i can't move my arms
Anyway, tired and gonna sleep

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