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Sunday, August 19, 2007

I just heard the new Natalie Imbruglia single,
Its called Glorious.
Wanna download it
But can't
Because stupid Frostwire Is unable to download the damn song
As for Bearshare?
Only wmv files no MP3s!!!!!!!!!
Who listens to wmv files anyway?

As I was saying I am very frustrated because
1. I dunno how to do my chemistry homework
2. I dunno how to do my biology homework too.
3. History? Clueless.
4. BM? 4get it!
5. English essay about the mum thing? Gonna do it soon, but need time to construct.
Although I only wanted the cert or shield or whatever that thing is you get for just participating, I wanna go to JAPAN!!! Fat chance but never hurts to try. Trying to find that dynamic angle.
6. Add Math project? Most likely tomorrow.

So right now I am sitting right here typing this post.
Oh yeah! I made a song about Jenny Chiew.

Jenny Chiew
is a bitch
This is because she talks like one
Why is she called a bitch?
This is because she looks like one.
Look out or the bitch
Jenny chiew, the stupid bitch.
Btw, bitch is called a female dog.
I am just doing this for fun though
But in a serious note, jenny reminds me of a pug.
Type 'pug' on google and you know what i mean..

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