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Sunday, August 26, 2007

So many movies!!!!

Well, we all know that there are so many summer releases in the market right now

so what are the movies that are a must see.

since I have a really tight schedule

I made a list of the movies that are I gotta watch.

Transformers, Fantastic 4 2, The simpsons movie and Ratatouille are not included because i have seen them

so here goes

1. WWE Summerslam

Although its not a movie, its in the top of my list

I am an avid wrestling fan, and the biggest party of the summer is one of my favourite PPVs.

Besides there are a lot at stake.

diva's battle royal, cena vs orton, kennedy vs umaga vs carlito, khali vs batista

Oh my God it is just a must see!

2. Hairspray

It looks kinda cool

it makes me interested about it

I wanna see this movie because I am curious.

3. Superbad

You gotta love this one

There is a lot of swearing and cursing

Its very funny too.

Plus, its about a bunch of geeks who try to lose their virginity.
So, I wonder who will accept them

4. I Pronounce You Chuck And Larry

Two straight men who turns into a gay couple for insurance

That sounds like its really hilarious

Besides, I love to watch Adam Sandler since Click

5. Rush Hour 3
Who could not wanna watch Rush Hour 3
I love all the rush hour series so this should be fun
Besides, I don't watch a lot of fighting movies lately.
I guess I am turning into a more romantic comedy type.

6. Perfect Stranger
I love it, the title sounds so cool
The trailer is so cool because its very psychological and spooky
Not like the ghost crap.

7. My Super Sweet Sixteen the movie
I needed some comfort for last year's major disaster
Besides it makes me drift away into my own world
where I actually have a Super Sweet Sixteen
Without my brother or his pathetic friends

8. Nancy Drew
This is a nice little tween movie
I have never read Nancy Drew but just wanna see it
Out of curiosity

9. The Bourne Ultimatum
Action-packed with a lot of stunts
Its so cool
I would love this, its all one mind and hunting down.

10. Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix
I am a Harry Potter addict
So watching the movie may cure my pain.
You know,
my parents bought deathly hallows and only allowed me to read it after SPM
Locked up in a safe
Trying to find the key
Man its so hard.

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