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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Some guy with some girl watching sepet
Its the hols right here in my place.
Its so serene
The heat may be sweltering but i am good.
Samantha came like 6.45 in the morning to wake me up
I was like what?
Calling me to wake up at 6.45 in the morning?
She told me its important, so i let her in
She flicked the switch and we watch this movie called: sepet
Sepet is word in Malay which means slit eyes like Jia Jia or Teresa
But Teresa is a Latina and she has slit eyes for some reason
Anyway its a story about a chinese boy and a malay girl falling in love
Very interracial but strangely i find it quite interesting.
We were literally glued to the screen.
Funny thing is, it is not American, its MALAYSIAN!!!!
Wel, I guess that its one of those rare movies that are not your taste but you love it.
At the end, the malay girl went to England to pursue her studies.(Scholarship with only 5As puh-leeze)
While the chinese, not to mention seriously cute boy, riding his crappy motorcycle got into an accident
Blood was oozing from his head, which we literally shocked!
We even cried when the malay girl read the romantic letter the chi boy sent to her.

Another achievement of Malaysia Boleh because i rarely cried in movies
The list of movies that i cried are:
1. brokeback mountain
2. sepet
3. simpsons movie (laughed till I cried)
4. gigli (so horrible that I cried)
5. House of wax (Its Paris Hilton for God sakes)
6. Saw III (scared till I cried)
7. candice michelle becoming women's champion

Anyway we found the sequel to sepet
Its called Gubra
The chi guy died, we didn't watched it because its lame
But more to the fact that the chi guy died
Did you know the funny thing?
The chi guy was involved in the accident but he is still able to answer her and talk to her
That's so weird
Anyway, we wikipediaed Gubra it seems that after the credits rolled
we will see a topless chi guy sleeping next to the malay girl
and they have wedding rings on their ring finger.
We don't wanna watch it because we seen the chi guy wrapped in a towel
To keep our fantasies alive
Gosh he is so hot!!!
Do you know the funny thing is?
He looks very much like the hot guy that appears in my dreams now and then.
The dreams started sometime after my Form 4 term.
At 9, I am going to sammy's and watch Goodbye Boys
Another Malaysian film
She told me that there are hot boys there
So its cool, I am down
Besides, Josh, Anna, Sean, Lucy, Lawrence, Anna and currently in Kuching, Stacy
are coming too.
Another slumber party.
I feel like an eleven year old everytime i said 'slumber party'

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