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Saturday, August 18, 2007

Things that I hate
Food that I hate: Hmm, I hate porridge. Its slimy and disgusting and meant for babies, the elderly and old people. I am not included in either of these categories.

Fruit that I hate: Is there a saying that a Malaysian should love durians and that if he or she hates it, the person should actually leave Malaysia. Well, *packs up suitcase and walks* see ya!

Vegies that I hate: Eggplant. Ewww. Its just ewww.

Celebrities that I hate: Not Britney, Lindsey, Paris or Nicole but maybe Joel Madden or K-Fed. What? They are the idiots who got Nicole and Britney pregnant in the first place!!!!

People that I hate: Jenny, Eric, Zheng Xiang. Need I say more?

Incident or situation that I hate:
" Hey, I am promiscuous"
" I am Brendan. Nice to meet you promiscuous"
" ..."
" Yeah?"
" I was just wondering, you know, if we could be friends" *makes a move*
" Ewww, GET AWAY FROM ME!!!! Why does everytime people get close to me, they wanna squeeze my ass?"

Music that I hate: Anything my brother likes and frequently listens I will hate it.

TV shows/Movies that I hate: I can't stand cartoons in chinese. Sounds so retarded, fake, squeaky and annoying.

Chores that I hate: Throwing out the trash

Things that I hate around the world. War!!! Duh!!!! How many people has lost their lives all because of a bunch of muel-headed politicians who chose the diginty of their religion over peace on earth!!!!

Things that I hate about myself: Chicken pox

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