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Friday, August 03, 2007

God I am so screwed!!!
Exams on monday starting with chemistry is already bad enough
But putting physics and biology on the same day???
Its like choosing who is gonna die!!!
Total suicide!!!!
Moreover its paper two.

I can handle Biology but
I guess I gotta be ready for major ass-whopping with physics
I really don't understand and not to mention hate
Its boring!!!!
How the hell am I gonna pass physics???

School's been pretty dull other than a couple of antics
The new class T-shirt
Other than that, nothing.
Have you ever felt that when you are in a room with full of people,
but you feel so alone?
Its sad really
I am graduating soon
Going off to college
Chosen my road
Embarking my career
Fulfiling my purpose in life
Reaching to complete my destiny
With a whole new cast of people that I am about to meet
With a whole new adventure and challenges
With a whole new place to explore
With a whole new place to fit in
And I am going at it with a new attitude
Giving myself oppurtunity to explore something new about myself
Giving myself the motivation to suceed
Giving myself more endurance to carry on my purpose.
And to think that none of my classmates care?
It sucks
At that school I feel so lonely, isolated, neglected and shoved aside.
I really don't wanna leave school with me in bad terms with other people
It is just not right
Unfortunately, I will leave this school with me in bad terms with people
But you know me, I will easily forget you guys
Jenny, Eric, Elton, Hubert, Senk Siang, Zheng Xiang, Jia Zhi?
Hmm, I wish you guys an eternity of hell

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