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Friday, August 31, 2007

Independence or Intolerance?
My school has just recently celebrated the school version of Malaysia's independence.
Where we will be waving flags like a bunch of maniacs
unfortunately, God was not so keen of allowing everyone to celebrate.
It rained.
Still everyone is in full spirit and i did get some down time on studying
Besides, SPM is coming soon and happens once in a lifetime.
After that its college.
Merdeka on the other hand happens every year
Where 'brainless' kids like you and me assumed that Malaysia's independence
is used for playing fireworks like the 4th of July.

Anyway, teachers were not allowed to teach
Mr.Law was so sad
The principal is so hard-working,
forcing everyone to spend money on flags.
even though God tried his best to stop Malaysian schools from celebrating
The spirit of Malaysians still shine bright, well some of them
The patriotic songs filled the air.
Me and my friends sing along because its fun
The merdeka spirit caused some to do little antics for fun
Then there were performances from the students of SMK Sungai Maong

The Malay poem sent shrills down the spine because the girl performing it sounds like fingernails clawing the blackboard.
The chinese one sounds pathetic
The english one lasted three seconds.
Then it is followed by the Malay traditional lyric thing that they do
The highs by the girl cracked glasses
The lows by the guy caused ear-sores.
After that its the song-time.
Chinese song sounded like shit
Malay song can rank top 10 in the worst American idol auditions ever.
English didn't even happened
Just goes to show, my talent in singing is the best.
In the end, the prinicipal aka Mdm Helen Tan lead everyone to cheer merdeka
It sounds some what dispirited.

Which leads me to another topic
the king of bluff,
the dominator of dui-paoing
the crack-up of cannons
Wong Xiang Lun actually wrote a great essay on English.
Its about the last day of SPM
He wrote that i was a bad singer who is always out of tune
and reads the lyrics out.
he said that I went beserk and caused a dent on the principal's new truck
Next term, if there is atopic that allows, I will get my revenge
But if there are other tempting topics, i might change.
Besides, its not good to stoop as low as a bluffing cannon

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