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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So Not Me
I don't feel like myself today.
I feel weird, a little retarded.
A lot of people chose not to sit next to me for some reason.
Hate me?
I don't know
What I do?
The only people who pissed me of was Vincent and Jia Zhi.
I don't know.
Anyway, I actually was patient for one hour waiting for my mom
Because I bought Maxt along.
Maxt is my son aka my iPod
I know its weird to give a name to your ipod
but Maxt is my little baby.
Besides, he is gonna get an upgrade soon.

I was a total teacher's pet on History
I actually remembered the arab jahiliah stuff.
you know, the wine, polygamy and robbing stuff.
Anyway, Alex was his very obnoxious self
Giving bad puns along the lesson.
Strange enough, 1 hour and 45 minutes was not that long at all.
SPM is around the corner.
But for some reason, no one is getting the jitters
Maybe except me
As I was not myself today
Felt like a nerd although not wearing school shirt.
Maybe the fact that me, not wearing uniform makes me concentrate better.
That's it!!!!
Uniforms can lose a student's concentration in their studies
So uniforms rule should be abolished!!!!!!

In case you are wondering,
Yes I got selected for National Service
and yes,
I may not be able to participate in Survive My challenge.
So my opponents are spared from my overdramatic antics
Because this boy is in 3 months of military work
Great, huh
I hear that they will shave heads for guys.
That sucks
I am so totally gonna pull 7 antics

1. The Gisele
I will say" don't shave it too short!"

2. The Catie
instead of saying' I look like a boy'
I say "I look like a bald prostitute"

3. The Ann
I will whine " I look horrible in no hair"
Because I look good in short hair

4. The Brandy
"How am I going to tell my boyfriend about this?"

5. The Cassandra
"I don't wanna look"

6. The Jade
"Oh God"

7. The Jaeda
Just cry, cry and cry

I really should act like Jaslene when they shave my head, i will think that they are shaving off my anger and resentment. But think about it, a bunch of small brained, patriotic, military doofuses shaving your head. God, I have to pray extremely hard that they don't shave my hair too bad or shave of a chip of my ear. some people actaully liking national service and wanting to attend it. Imagine that!

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