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Saturday, August 04, 2007

Quotes... I think
I came up with some quotes but I think the term random thoughts are more like it

I was elected to lead not to read

Am I as dumb as Paris Hilton?

I am gonna be me tonite, a little sweat ain't gonna hurt nobody, why are you standing on the wall, I am the one who like to get me bodied

I got the best of both worlds, classmates who hate me and nagging parents

I am too sexy


Gay pride so grab the man next to you and start fucking!!!!

Okay, that was so totally wrong

Is chicken tuna?

Spiderpig, spiderpig, does whatever spiderpig does, can he swing and go away? no he can't, cuz he is a pig. Lookout for the spiderpig

monokoro peekaboo

super-screaming cockatoos

i wanna fuck you too

i dunno, its the black and white gender confused pigs

Disturbia, I think my neighbours a serial killer

Well, I think there is a guy in crown square who is gay cuz he was checking me out while i shopped around.

Or maybe he was just trying to make a sale after all he is a salesboy

I wasn't worried, i like a little attention now and then

May my presence in your dreams will make you shoot cum, lol

Get me bodied, I wanna be myself tonite, can you get me bodied i wanna be myself tonite

Oh Ron, erecto!

I actually downloaded a gayporn movie

Reunion in ten years is more like suitable so that people can say " Omigosh (put name here) you're pregnant!"

Brigid, you are an honest girl. Proving that voluptuous women can be hot! (She will probably strangle me if I say she is fat)

Why does family guy and the simpsons like to associate cops and homosexuality while malaysia likes to associate cops and bribery?


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