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Monday, August 20, 2007

Sudden realisation of great truth.
I got one of those before.
Well, quite a lot actually.
School is very peaceful without Eric, Hubert and Jenny.
Ahhh, such peace.
Actually felt relaxed
Hmm, was it the fact that i was not wearing school uniform or the six cans of beer that I had last night.
Yes I am allowed to drink beer.
No egg, no soy sauce and its not even sour.
That's why i over indulged
However, the beer or me not wearing uniform got me thinking.

I suddenly realised that i am alone.
I feel alone, hallow and that my existence is meaningless.
Will my insecurities erode?
I don't know.
Everyone was talking and chatting away.
everyone except me.
I looked around and everyone's mouth was moving except mine.
No doubt my mom would be happy.
Because i actually paid attention throughout the day.
Even in physics which paying attention is a serious tall order.
Don't get me wrong, the teacher is fine
Its the subject.
Its soooo boring.

Anyway back to the subject.
nobody was talking to me.
I actually felt alone in this world and that i am not part of 5sc1.
I guess its true that nobody really cares about me.
They just treat me nicely and then make fun of me.
I seriously don't get it
when I try to open my mouth and voice put my opinion,
I get sushed up.
Nobody really wants to hear what I say.
I guess I am kinda needing a little attention
okay, okay alot!!!!
A lot of people find me annoying for some reason
its not like i talk a lot like Xiang Lun.
In fact I felt that i rarely talk at all.
Most of the time, i do keep to myself
I am not like Jenny who yaps shit everyday
However the irony is people actually likes listening to her.
I on the other hand, cannot stand her.

Life just sucks
How I wish to be studying in Australia right now.
Where people actually are very open
And accept people for who they are.
oh yeah, betcha 10 bucks that xiang lun's sister did not gave him the monowada boo pencil box and that he actually bought it himself.
Come on! The eccentric collection of happy meal gifts and stuffed pokemon plus the sustagen bottle?
They are evidence that Xiang Lun is a kid at heart.
Unlike me, drinking beer, watch desperate housewives and thinks pre-marital sex with both sexes is okay.
I may have my babyface
but I have lost my innocence.
Hey did you realised that everything i type has almost no abbreviations (short forms) or those stupid Manglish slangs?
this means I am perfect in my english, well sorta.

Honestly, i can imagine myself moving away and living in Australia right now
After that I will use that as a stepping stone to move to San Francisco!!!
My dream city.
Well, i gotta go watch tonite's episode of America's next Top Model because i have to study at night.

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