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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Weirdest Dream
I had one of the world's most disturbing dreams last night.
Its like some kind of musical.
Its three different scenes
with three different background music

The first one goes like this.
I was blabbering spanish with Bernat Quintana
You know,
Maxt from El Cor de la Ciutat
which made me wonder where is Enric
Anyway, he escorted me in the dance studio
I still don't know what am i speaking
Although I was speaking very fluent spanish
With my own accent of course.
Anyway there was music playing the whole time in background
Then I suddenly recognised the song
'Me Haces Falta' by Jennifer Lopez
Bernat kissed me goodbye and said 'te quiero'
which means 'I love you' in spanish.
I did the same and started doing ballet
during that time, I got flashes of what bernat is doing
First, he went to the store asked the store clerk for something
Its a ring
Was Bernat going to propose to me?
So after that he went out.
He got chased by a group of people.
He ran into the street and then got rammed by a car
Blood was oozing from his head as he lay face down
The phone was ringing ( seems familiar)
I was the one calling
I talked to him, not knowing that he was dying. (seems so damn familiar)
Suddenly the whole thing went blank

I reappeared in some kind of chruch
to be more specific, St. Joesph's cathedral
Marrying some hot chick who I don't recognize
'Stranger' by Hilary Duff was playing
We entertained some guest
We were having fun
However the atmosphere seemed so fake
After that, I went to the foyer
I saw her making out with another woman
I was angry
Got out of the mansion
Yes, a mansion
Drove off
I lost control on a sharp bend and the whole car went off the road
Tumbling downhill
The car later exploded

The next thing I knew,
I was wearing a tux
The signboard said SMK Sungai Maong, Class of 5sc1, 2007 10th year reunion
Know it feels weird officially.
Classical music was playing
It clashes with the cheesy red setting
I looked around
A few are pregnant and a few have babies or kids
Some have engagement rings around them
As I looked around, i am the only one who is single
'Lonely' which was one of my own songs was playing
Suddenly there was darkness wirling around me.
In the end, I woke up, sweating
I couldn't sleep that night
So I did my bio homework to pass the time.

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