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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Of Abstinence and The Turks

Hey ya'll its time for me to bitch some more.
Betcha miss my incessant ramblings about a certain topic
These days I am sooooo busy
Hard ta believe huh?
Well, for the past two nights I went on dates
Both with the same person.
Its been great.
I still don't know that if I should commit into a relationship with that person.
As usual about my strangely private life
I never reveal the sex, age, race and personal details about the people I am dating
Just say that I am in a relationship then its okay
Like in a need to know basis.
Other than that, I am busy writing my internet soap, Casa La 7
The second episode is entitled
'Something Wicked This Way Comes'
So expect something totally 'wicked' from all the devious plans.
Namely Nate and his soccer dreams
Brendan and his impact.

Well, not to bore you with my private life, lets begin with the idiotic football fans from a country called Turkey.
First of all, what kind of idiot allows foreigners to bring weaponry to their own country?
Secondly, how the hell did guns ended up in the stadium?
Third, what kind of idiot fires guns in the air and call it 'celebratory shots'?
Fourth, if the Croatians win, would those stupid Turkish soccer fans be very sad and i dunno, aim their guns across and shoot all the Croatians at the opposite side of the stadium?
Fifth, why does the Croatians have to lose and not win the Euro Cup cause like my money is on them, now I lost I have to give a guy a blow job and then let him spray his load all over my face?
Well, whatever. Turkey is nothing but a bunch of turkeys
Gobbling their way to the Euro 2008 cup.

Next is Abstinence
Kids, abstinence can be used in your essays.
Its called a sacred vow not to have sex.
Apparently a lot of people attended a workshop on abstinence.
Which I think is absolutely STUPID.
Why? You may ask?
Well, first of all, a workshop that tells you to pledge no to sex is seriously funny
We can't control our feelings.
And the fact that you are a virgin, doesn't mean that you are pure okay?
It means you are inexperienced.
And don't blame the media for this okay.
If you really love someone, you are willing to commit,
more importantly, you have a condom,
and even more importantly, you are legal,
and the most important of all,
you will not gag when you see your partner naked,
you may engage in premarital sex.
There is nothing wrong to wait
then again, there is nothing wrong not to either
So if you want to consummate your love,
then go ahead.
Since condoms are only 95% effective
you can cover the rest with anti pregnancy pills.
Now back to blogging
Remember, abstinence is not always the solution.

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