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Saturday, June 14, 2008

The difference between classy and trashy IV

Like a Mortal Kombat sequel that never dies,

Here is part 4 of the difference between classy and trashy,

with your hosts Brendan Goh and Rachel Stevens.

Rachel: Hi, I am Rachel Stevens and I found out that John Morrison's palace of wisdom is actually a toilet.

Brendan: And I am your host with a new iPod, Brendan Goh and Welcome to Classy and Trashy 4.

Rachel: Today, we are going to talk about dating.

Brendan: And our rating has also changed to suit the mood like previous posts

Rachel: We are going to give you a list of scenarios and our opinions of what we think about the dates Malaysian couples have these days, with Brendan as the man, yeah I know the producers should really rethink about this one.

Brendan: And with the airhead, tomboy Rachel as the girl, that is if she qualifies as one.

Rachel: Okay, moving on. we have a new rating system for this one

Brendan: As you can see, the ratings change frequently.

Rachel: So we gonna do this X-play style

Brendan: Giving it out of fives and then we add the total.

Here is how the rating system works

1/5: Are you kidding me? There are dates like this? Its either too stupid or too boring.

2/5: This is a date only a serious couple can love, or else, bye

3/5: Its okay, mediocre. Nothing interesting yet nothing drastic. All in all a normal outing

4/5: Good, defintely worth a second chance. Quite impressive albeit a few flaws

5/5: Perfect/near perfect. Worth a second chance defintely.

Rachel: Here is our review of date number 1.

Date1: He brings you to Food and Tea to eat Western Food, there you have a nice conversation and of course, delicous discounted set meals.

Verdict: Look I know that I want to be economical but eating economical and BAD food is a whole other story. Plus the cheese sucks and who goes to a Hong Kong restaurant and eat Western Food? Brendan: 2/5, Rachel: 2/5

Rachel: Food and Tea, didn't you used to work there. You seem to have a knack at picking lousy restaurants.

Brendan: Haha, very funny. Its a place for those sakai and ah bengs and ah lians. Next date please.

Date 2: The couple are seen in the movies, watching Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Verdict: Indiana Jones is so overrated. Like a famous chicken dish that actually taste like shit. Another example is Jason Castro who should go to NS and get that messy tangled up dreadlock shaved. Brendan: 1/5, Rachel 2/5

Date 3: The couple are seen strolling hand in hand in the waterfront.

Verdict: Its okay, normal. There are no bushes around or something. If you want to have sex in public areas, its a good place to fulfil your fetish. Brendan: 3/5, Rachel: 3/5

Date 4: He takes you to the area behind the airport where you watch the airplanes fly in and fly out of the airport.

Verdict: There is a date like this? OMG!!! What the hell? What is so intersting about the airplanes. Never been to one? Go to the airport and smell the air con is better la!! Out there, you smell nothing but kerosene. The exhaust fumes of airplanes is that nice to smell?

Brendan: Wow, it needs a special verdict

Rachel: I agree

Both: -5/5

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