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Thursday, June 05, 2008

Its Fantasy's first time, fine, I will do the damn tag.

Your 5 impressions on him/her
- fat full figured
- a nice person
- very religious
- wise
- look that's all, i dunno him that well, okay.

1Most memorable things he/she has give/done to you :
- well, just being a friend and talk is fine

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason is because :
- He is China and I am Tibet

5 things found in my bag
- lubricant
- some old, expired candy (Ryan, here have some!)
- A Cecelia Ahern novel
- Tissue
- Oil blotter

5 things found in my purse/wallet
- money (duh)
- ic (duh)
- pics (duh)
- a pore plast (duh)
- condom (duh)

5 favourite things in my room
- my ARMANI SUIT (evil laughs)
- my designer pillow
- my KING-SIZED bed (rolls and streches around the space)
- My rack of jewellery
- Last but not least, Maxt, my iPod, my shrink.

5 things I always wanted to do
- ride the roller coaster loads of times till i puked all the weight out.
- travel around the world
- joined a reality show (oh wait, been there, done that)
- Publish a best-selling book
- Toss Jason Castro off a stage and scream 'You suck Jason Castro!'

5 things I am currently into
- writing
- sulking
- bitching
- dancing
- Colby O' Donis

List out the top 4 you would wish for
- a best-selling book written by me
- world peace
- that i would give up meat
- study abroad

First Name : Brendan
Nickname : Brendz, Brooke, Candice, Prince
What do people normally mistake your name as : Bernard, Brenda, Glenda
Birthday : 5th March 1990
Birthplace : Some place where cats come from
Time of Birth : 9.15 a.m.
Single or taken : Single
Zodiac sign : Pieces

[Your Appearence]
How tall are you : 174
Wish you were taller : yeah 183 ( long way to go)
Eye color : "When I first look at you, your eyes are black, when I look deeper, its a deep blue like an ocean, vast and plenty of depth, glicthes of earthy brown is shown and when you look at the sun its almost green" from, a very romantic scene in my life
Eye color you want : BLUE
Natural Hair color : Black
Current Hair color : Black
Short or long hair : Well, short
Ever dye your hair a bizarre color : I was thinking of green
Last time you did something dramatic with your hair : I want it with bangs
Glasses or contacts : glasses (getting contacts)
Do you wear make-up : a little foundation
Ever had hair extensions : dude, it tried it, but my hair was too short
Paint your nails : sorry but I like it fleshy

[In the opposite gender]
What color eyes : Broken English albiet understandable, blue
What color hair : Broken english albeit understandable, blonde
Shy or Outgoing : outgoing, shy girls make me sick
Looks or personality : Both, everybody doesn't want a hag or a slut for a wife (unless they have no other choice)
Sexy or Cute : Sexy, cute girls are childish, immature and give too much problems, and make me sick. (If you want a cute girlfriend, if you ask me how I feel about her and I hate her, go for it)
Serious or Fun : A fun girl, a free spirit like me
Older or Younger than you : Older, younger girls dream too much and are very immature
A turn on : When she is wet and gives you a naughty smile
A turn off : She smokes things other than cock.

[This or that]
Flowers or Chocolates : chocolates, duh. You can't eat flowers
Pepsi or Coke : Pepsi
Rap or Rock : Neither, crunk.
Relationship or One night stand : Relationship, ONS is so overrated
School or Work : Whatever it is, as long as it makes me happy
Love or Money : I care about 3 things only, money, the pleasures that come with money and my babies
Movies or Music :depends, i have likes and dislikes like any other person
Country or City : City, country too boring
Sunny or Rainy days : rainy days, so i can dance under the rain
Friends or Family :Friends

[Have you ever]
Lied : Duh, If he didn't he should sit next to God. Plus it seems this survey is for 8-11 americans and 12-14 malaysian girls
Stole something : yeah, and i got away with it
Smoked : Sorry, I am not interested of getting cancer.
Hurt someone close to you : Of course.
Broke someone's heart : She broke mine
Had your heart broken : Its life and yes.
Wondered what was wrong with you : Nope, I only wonder what's wrong with others
Wish you were a prince/princess : This is seriously for the demographic aforementioned therefore confirming my suspicions but yeah, who doesn't.
Liked someone who was taken : So far, better him than me
Shaved your head : Yes, sad. I cried
Been in love : Not really, infatuated, yes. Smitten, yes. In love, no
Used chopsticks : I am Chinese, its a sin if you dunno how to use it
Sang in the mirror to yourself : Another evidence that this shit is for the demographic aforementioned, no.

Flower : Roses from Holland
Candy : Tarvers, all the way from Blackpool, England
Song : Currently, Pocketful of Sunshine by Natasha Bedingfield
Scent : Paris Hilton for Men
Color : Blue, not baby blue but the rich, deep sea blue
Movie : P.S. I Love You
Singer : Britney Spears
Word : Brendan
Junk food : Ice-cream
Website : this is my favorite site
Location : Paris
Animal : The short, brown haired dachsund
Ever cried over someone : Yes, Dashie, may you RIP. T_T
Is there anything you wish you could change about yourself : Yeah six pack abs and fist that could pack a punch
Do you think you are attractive : Obviously yes
If you had to choose a fairytale as your life what would you choose : Cinderella
Do you play any sports :I dance, I swim. That's it.

Who do you tag?
Seriously, this is nothing but a waste of time and I don't want to create more sorrow by forcing others to do this, it ends here. (You can thank me later)

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