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Thursday, June 26, 2008

WWE Supplemental Draft 2008

Okay, so this is the WWE Supplemntal Draft
Held every year in
Usually involved superstars in the midcard or lower card status.
So the predictions from my WWE Draft still count,
I am adding another 17 predictions to the supplemental draft
Then compare it with the actual result
Then I will give my opinon on it.

1. Mark Henry from Smackdown to ECW
2. Deuce from Smackdown to ECW
3. Kenny Dykstra from Smackdown to ECW
4. Trevor Murdoch from RAW to Smackdown
5. Ashley from RAW to ECW
6. Big Daddy V from ECW to RAW
7. Elijah Burke from ECW to Smackdown
8. Shannon Moore from Smackdown to ECW
9. Charlie Haas from RAW to ECW
10. Curt Hawkins from Smackdown to RAW
11. Zack Ryder from Smackdown to RAW
12. Evan Bourne from ECW to RAW
13. Val Venis from RAW to Smackdown
14. Super Crazy from RAW to ECW
15. Hacksaw Jim Duggan from RAW to ECW
16. Chuck Palumbo from Smackdown to RAW
17. Santino Marella from RAW to Smackdown

So lets compare with the actual result and my reactions
1. Mark Henry from Smackdown to ECW (right)
yay, me right!!!

2.Jamie Noble from Smackdown to RAW
unexpected but i expect chuck palumbo to stay on smackdown then

3. Trevor Murdoch from RAW to Smackdown (right)
Yay, I am right. Great move murdoch now you can annoy smackdown instead of me

4. Big Daddy V from ECW to Smackdown (right but wrong brand)

5. Deuce from Smackdown to RAW (right but wrong brand)
(kana sai, switch brands mah, WWE)

6. D.H. Smith from RAW to Smackdown
WTF? D.H. Smith is RAW MATERIAL DAMN YOU!!!!!!!!!

7. Hornswoggle from Smackdown to ECW
Huh? OMG! This is going to be interesting

8. Super Crazy from RAW to ECW(right)
YAY! right again!!!

9. Chuck Palumbo from Smackdown to RAW(right)
Okay, seems like all we need is Michelle Mccool *fingers crossed*

10. Brian Kendrick from RAW to Smackdown

11. Matt Striker from ECW to RAW
Great. RAW is now more annoying than ever. Shitty

12. Maria from RAW to Smackdown (right)
YES and I really wanted this to happen YES, now all we need is Layla and Michelle Mccool to come to RAW.

13. Shelton Benjamin from ECW to Smackdown (right but wrong brand)
Ok lah, fine, whatever. sure

14. Finlay from Smackdown to ECW
Knew it he won't be far. Predictable, anyways hope he and hornswoggle keep on disturbing Mike Adamle.

15. Carlito from Smackdown to RAW(right)
Well, its cool so can't wait to see how he fits. Jobbing on RAW sucks for him.

16. Layla from ECW to RAW(right)
YES.*screams, shrieks, claps excessively and in a hyperactive manner following prancing around in the room* Now, *Michelle mccool to raw x 1000*

17. Kofi Kingston from ECW to RAW
*slams table and frets and whines*

Well, that's the draft for you
at least the girls have the Divas Championship to fight for while in Smackdown and ECW
Hope Maria or Mccool wins the match at night of champions
Got a feeling Maria will win though.

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