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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The differences betrween classy and trashy II

Okay, ladies and gentleman
Its time for part two of my classy vs trashy segment
Obviously, this is one part of my blog that I will press on and bitch about for quite a while
Like a TV series, either you like it or you don't
If you do, continue forward
If you don't well, then why are you reading this?
You should go outside and discover that big round orange ball in the sky.

Okay since its summer movie mania,
and everyone is watching all the hottest hits
Doesn't matter if you like breakout money makers like Indiana Jones, Kung Fu Panda and Iron Man
Classic chic chick flicks like Sex And The City
comedies like You don't mess with Zohan.
Dark, dramatic and enticing, Narnia: Prince Caspain

Situation A: You are at the movies, what is your opinion on the movies below?
Similarities: You have watch all the movies below.

Lets start with Indiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (that's a mouthful), at least its a movie and not a four minute music video from Fall Out Boy who are renowned for lenghty titles.

Well what do you think about this Indy sequel?
(Note: MG stands for movie-goer)

MG A:Wow! It was so cool, the ants, the aliens, the car fights, is so cool, kick ass man!!! Plus, it so funny when an animal looks at them when they land on the floor, so cute and funny. XD

MG B: Its okay for me. Its weird for me cause I laugh at the parts where people don't laugh and the parts which I think are stupid is stupid but other people laugh so hard. They say its cool but for me nothing much.

MG C: So you combine the great minds of Star Wars and E.T. and you came out with this piece of shit? Its a waste of my time and money, only!!! It seems that they are not even trying at all! The way that the movie ends is so lame! If this is what my parents liked in the past, then I am glad I wasn't born in that era. Moreover, he rarely even used his whip! Which was supposed to be a trademark of the damn movie.

First of all, if you watch this movie voluntarily and not forced by your parents who want to relieve Indy's heyday and pass it on to the kids then you are a sucker for trends no matter if you are, A,B or C.

If you chose A, and unless you are someone under the age of 14, you are just plain trashy. There is nothing cool about people jumping between cars, Jacky Chan does it all the time. Plus if you think the falling down in front of adorable animals part hilarious, I basically know what kind of person you are.

If you are B and you are in Malaysia, consider yourself classy, cause the funny parts that you laugh are actually funny, and the stupid parts are stupid. If you are not then depends, if your area is very posh, trashy and you area is middle class or low class, then classy and you should not belong there.

If you are C, then consider yourself classy, this Indy movie sucks. Nothing interesting at all. You can't tell if Speilberg and Lucas are trying too hard or barely trying at all, whatever it is, its crap. And they make 101 million for it, shows how much suckers and/or poor teens like you and me dragged by parents for this.

Okay, off to the next movie which is Iron Man

MG A: Wow, I love the explosions and the suit is really cool!!!! Great movie!!! Who is Robert Downey Jr? I love that Iron Man guy though.

MG B: Personally, I love it but not only because of the movie but because the characters are very indepth and well played. Robert Downey Jr. protrays a very great character that looks for redemption and makes his genius brain for the greater good.

MG C: I want the suit, its really cool.

A: Trashy, you don't even know the person who is playing Iron Man, anyone can create explosions dumbass, go to Iraq, Darfur or Afghanistan, there are a lot of explosions there, plus you get to experience it.

B: Classy, you look the explosions and gunfights, and total trashing of technological warfare as a way to see the progress and power of Iron Man and how great Robert Downey Jr, is at playing him. Not because its cool.

C: Sucker for trends, next he would try to get bitten by a mutated spider all over again.

Next is the animated hit, Kung Fu Panda

MG A: The Panda sooooo cute!!!!! The fighting is so funny and fun, I love the food stunts too. The plot is very good cause very easy to understand

MG B: Anecdotes are HILARIOUS!!! I usually hate Kung Fu Movies, but this is one of those exceptions. Although I prefer a team effort instead of paralyzing the other characters, but its nice.

MG C: For children but I love the anecdotes, caters to everyone, however its too straight forward for me. I like something to have more of a mystery.feel into it. But the all star cast definitely makes up for the blatant straight forward plot. Plus how can a goose produce a panda?

A: Are you a kid or are you an adult? If you are not a kid, just plain trashy and you are brain dead to me.

B: Sucker for trends, you like it cause its funny and never thought that how come the panda's father is a goose, well at least its not his mom, cause that would be seriously confusing. Besides, shouldn't the panda's dad be i dunno a panda?

C: You know that its meant mostly for kids but at least you have questions that are logical to ask, classy.

Finally is Narnia: Prince Caspian
(I wanna put in Sex and The City but haven't watched it yet)

A: The swordfights is so cool!!! Other than that, nothing much

B: The plot is darker and I like it, its more phenomenal than the last. The plot is interesting and twisted. A very interesting movie, if you like Harry Potter but with more grit of swordfights and arrows otherthan flinging projections of coloured light around, this is for you

A: You are missing the reason of the movie. Pain Trashy, to violence minded. Movies are not all about violence

B: Good, you found out that like Malaysia and the rest of the world, whether if its democracy, monarchy, oligarchy, politics is dirty

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