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Monday, June 09, 2008

The difference between Classy and Trashy

Okay, I have absolutely nothing to do
So I am here to show off my ability to tell on someone
If the person is classy or trashy
Although it only refers to the Malaysian demographic
but still, you can know who is classy and trashy all around asia
I have been living in this country for like 18 years now
So my victims references are Malaysians

So lets start with the first impressions,
In body language, the way you dress, act and smell is like a very simple yes or no question.
Strangers almost always have a neutral open view about someone
And a good impression is definitely an advantage
While a bad one makes him or her chooses to ignore you rather than acknowledge you.
You are still aquaintances,so he or she doesn't really give a damn about you.
I say almost always cause they might be having a bad opinion about you if you already have a kind of infamy.
Turn on or Turn off, its that simple.
So to determine that you are classy or trashy, take this quiz, not survey, tag or anything stupid
cause it will help me determine that you are a Classy Cat, Sucker For Trends or Just Plain Trashy

Ladies or Gays first:
Situation: You are in a club, who are you going to take notice?
Similarities: All three men are HOT!!!

Guy A: Guy A is your typical All American. His shirt is a simple graphic T that enhances the sihouette of his already amazing body. He is cute, smart and sexy. You can see the buddhist pendant/christian cross accidentally hang out on his neck. His jeans are straight, tight fitted and gives you a really good look at his nice, firm ass. He isn't the life and soul of the party but his presence is seen and heard LOUD! You see him on the lounge area or on the dance floor with his friends. No alcohol for him.

Guy B: Guy B has a very trendy hairstyle. He wears glasses like they are cool or something, and sits in one corner, surveying the scene, like a hawk waiting to pounce on a prey. He wears a dress shirt with a very nice pattern that heightens and slims his figure. Complimenting his look is a silver/ gold watch and/or bracelet. He leans to an angle to show off his 'package' that sometimes looked like he stuffed a small balloon or ball or even a roll of paper in it. He usually drifts from woman to woman like touch n' go cards and gives very tacky pick up lines. He usually gets a drink as dutch courage before approaching his prey. He has presence although sometimes its a nuisance

Guy C: Guy C has the same trendy hairstyle as guy B, only longer, with a cheap dye that makes his head look like his original black hair is laced with a large wad of dog shit as hairgel. His hair is 'alive'. He wears a print tee filled with crosses and a very baggy pair of jeans that looks as if its about to fall of anytime soon. With flashes of his ass, usually found near the bar, smoking or sitting with a drink, trying to act all emo and cool to expect someone to notice.

If you like guy A, you are a Sucker For... Cliches. But no doubt, makes you a classy cat. He is the epitome, the pure essence of Italian Women's Fashion, being sexy without revealing too much. Briniging in the best of both worlds in his fashion sense makes him look so appealing. As an added bonus, your mommy will totally be smitten with him and your daddy will probably want to marry him himself. Now the problem is to lure him out and hook him up and making sure he doesn't know how much of an advantage he has with you and the other 27 women in the club.

If you like guy B, you are a Sucker For Trends, sure he got nice hair, nice look and the ever 'enticing and mysterious' glasses. But all in all, he is nothing but a zombie to the legion of trends. You might see the sensitive insercurity from his facade which is very hard to penetrate. Plus, he is very superficial. If the trend is clown costumes then he goes out with a multicoloured afro and overalls.

If you like Guy C, I don't know what to say, who likes a guy with over-sized pants and hair laced with dogshit? You are either blind of desperate.

For Guys:
Situation: You are at a mall, and you see this girl, she is so hot but what does she look like?
Similarities: Gentleman, you are spoilt for choice, you have 4 girls to deal, and they are all fully clothed and wear underwear.

Girl A: These type of girls are found together like football players in a 4-3-3 formation. These types of girls usually wear short dresses with capris or a topjean combo or a very tacky looking headband. They all have one kind of fashion faux paux on their clothing like over-sized handbag, tacky headband, plastic jewellery. But they all have one thing in common, some furry green thing that looks like a plant but actually is some kind of mutated flying chiuhuahua sticky out from their purse, wallet or cellphone. In some occasions, handbag, dangling around. They also like to do extremely lame poses when taking photos thinking they are cute. Found in the food court and stalls and shops where they sell tacky things. When leaving the mall, holding hands with the girls like long time lesbian lovers.

Girl B: She has the long, straight, silky black hair like the ghost from The Grudge. Usually caught in black. Whether wearing a T-shirt/tank top/tube top and jeans or a dress in pink. She doesn't wear much accesories like some kind of eccentric gypsy. Her earrings are not made of plastic and she wears heels in a dress and boots with her jeans. A very charming necklace, hangs on her neck like its meant to be there the whole time. Holding a very nice Gucci handbag and wearing things from Padini/Esprit/Parkson. A very chic belt to complement the look, found alone or with friends, never blends with the crowd. When taking photos, she works to stand out. Found at designer clothing stores or starbucks or secret recipe. When leaving the mall, loads of shopping bags dangling on her forearm.

Girl C: Plastic jewellery, tacky headband, multi-coloured pumps with a tank and mini skirt. Hair is permed. Wears accesories around her arms that are sometimes mistaken for a rack selling taking jewellery, black and white checked, not to mention over-sized handbags, usually with contrasting coloured pigs with gender identity problems or some stupid skeleton that makes Polly the Pony look scarrier than him. Polka dotted pumps, also black and white and of course the stupid mutated flying chiuhuahua dangling somewhere in the mess of clothing. When taking photos, she either reverts to a lame pose or acts cute with those powerpuff girls bug eyes. Found in Food & Tea, or some chinese restaurant, or i-socks or stores selling tacky stuff. When leaving, usually with a small bag or two.

Girl D:She wears a collared T-shirt that has the name of some company on it i.e. Maybank, Canon, Penaga Dresser, Pam, IPDM, 5Sc2 of Smk Sungai Maong 2007. Paired it with a pair of jeans. The only jewellery, a pair of studded earrings, plastic. Looks haggard, looks only at discounted prices and prefers to go to the kopitiam to have her lunch rather than the mall itself, window shops for modest, and unattractive clothing. When leaving, has a plastic bag containing last year's fashion item or nothing at all.

If you like girl A, you and I should never go double dating, I hate those kind of girls. They make me sick, as protest to see my gal-pals holding hands, I will probably find one of the guys and do that too in protest. Its so sickeningly fake and disgusting to me. If you want to go on and hold hands liike a sickening lesbian couple, go to a LGBT parade and walk and scream 'I am proud to be a pussy-licker' while holding your hands and heads up high, that way, i won't brand you as a hypocrit and respect you, in fact I will even go as far as salute you. Unfortunately none of them are, they say they are not in support of gays yet they hold hands like long-time lesbian lovers. Just Plain Trashy

If you like girl B, you are a classy cat but be ready with a big wad of cash. Cause her lifestyle is pretty much on the uptown.But if you are broke, don't worry. She will pay for you, as an equal and independant woman. She might be a shark and difficult to tame but in the long run, its worth the effort.

If you like girl C, you are a sucker for trends, but unlike girl B, they expect you to pay for EVERYTHING. In return, they act cute, pout and moan while leaning on your shoulder. They are the 'Damsel in Distress' prostitutes, instead of making you cum, they make you look feel like a hero, a rock. Sucker for trends

You must be really cheap or really poor to like Girl D, although it might prove to be the most genuine girlfriend of all. So she likes to eat at food avenue, and watch you watching football while enjoying her kolo mee and teh o. Just Plain Trashy

Well, that's all on the first impression part, next we will be looking at what movie, music, magazine, books, he/she likes. And what stores, he/she goes.

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