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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WWE 2008 Draft

The WWE draft is a draft held every year
It switches superstars, divas, announcers and GMs to different brands
Last year around 25 superstars switched brands and found new homes.
in Raw, Smackdown and ECW.
This year the draft has been really shaken up.
And I am not that bad at predicting who is going where.

So this my predictions on the original draft that is held on RAW last night.
1.MVP from Smackdown to RAW
2.Jeff Hardy from RAW to Smackdown
3.Umaga from RAW to Smackdown
4.Rey Mysterio from Smackdown to RAW
5.Maria from RAW to Smackdown
6.Kevin Throne from ECW to RAW
7.CM Punk from ECW to Smackdown
8.Carlito from RAW to ECW
9.Vladimir Kozlov from Smackdown to RAW
10. The Great Khali from Smackdown to ECW
11. Michelle McCool from Smackdown to RAW

In the end,
RAW has 5 picks
Smackdown has 4 picks
ECW has 2 picks.

So lets compare it with the actual result
1.Rey Mysterio from Smackdown to RAW (right)
2.Jeff Hardy from RAW to Smackdown (right)
3.CM Punk from ECW to RAW (right but wrong brand)
4.Matt Hardy from Smackdown to ECW
5.Jim Ross from RAW to Smackdown
6.Micheal Cole from Smackdown to RAW
7.Batista from Smackdown to RAW
8.Umaga from RAW to Smackdown (right)
9.Kane from ECW to RAW
10.Mr.Kennedy from RAW to Smackdown
11.Triple H from RAW to Smackdown

So now they have a supplemental draft probably about 15 superstars and divas are going to switch brands. So here are my predictions, hope I am not wrong.
Anyway if you actually read finish this, congratulations it meants that you actually read my blog
cause this is a post you should actually ignore
Nobody wants to hear crappy inaccurate predictions but hey i got 3 right, not that bad huh?

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