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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It may be on the news

I am gonna do this desperate housewives style.

"Oil, the most important resource on earth. It makes our cars run. It can be turned to wrap our trash. It can be used to further stimulate our senses. Yes, oil is a very important unrenewable source of energy. But most important of all, it keeps us... sane''

Well that's what happen when Brendan-who is carrying a Padini bag, a Bata bag, a Giordano bag, an Esprit bag, a bottle of sprite and three packs of now, wilted french fries-saw the 'outburst' of the local community about the oil price hike.

You see, a bunch of people, obviously either really embaressed normal teens or very proud Ah Beng teens saw their parents holding signs and some flag with a symbol of a rocket and produced a public demonstration about the recent prices in oil.

So they demonstrated their unsatisfaction about the increase of oil. And when a policeman blew a whistle, instead of them running of like ants scattering to the four corners of the earth, they slowly broken off and march towards the Spring.

A flock of people, dressed in lame and probably humid white T-shirts and some with red bandanas over their heads came to the Government building opposite Swinburne to protest and made fools of themselves. Plus whoever they are holding the signs to,probably ignored them

Here's a thought, if plastic bags are made of crude oil, then why not charge on plastic bags instead like 10 cents per bag to encourage people to do their shopping in a more environment friendly way. Lets say, buying canvas bags instead.

"Well, at least Malaysia is truly a place of peace, and I appreciate that. Even though relations between the public and the government is straining, even though the king still has a big fat cake on his birthday after the news on the high inflation increase in Asia. Even though some woman's group thinks that drug addicts actually remember to use condoms when having sex''

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