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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I like men now.

There is a story to go with this actually.
It was during Malaysian Studies
A few girls in front of me forgot to take their medicine/overdosed on their medication/took the wrong medicine/prescribed the wrong medication from the doctor.
In short, they are loony and high.
One of them revealed that she...

There goes my sexual appetite for women
Which follows my intentions of romance with women
Which in turn, I have lost my own appetite for food
Which made me go sick all day.
Which is why, I am temporarily gay.
Guys, quickly ask me out on this period
No competition from women.
God, I can only hope that she knows how to use a razor.

Okay, I DO NOT eavesdrop, okay.
I was reaching down to pick up my iPod which has fallen on the floor (Kesian you Maxt)
Then I accidentally overheard it.
I so totally wished that I could slice my ears off at that moment.
I even lost my lunch.

By the way, I think I will remain gay till the New Year
Though the imagination of it has subsided
Just please don't be a chick and scream 'I have tummy hair!!!' in front of me
I don't want a relapse


babydino said...

well, not all girls have tummy hair. I know i don't.

Brendan Goh said...

I know, but that turned me off so bad, that I felt like I reli wanna hurl.

Mysterious God Of Light said...

How bout men's tummy hair?
Or facial hair? I mean 'wild' like, or sort of 'hairy' that kind? Something like cavemen style?

Brendan Goh said...

Guys who are hairy is common la but just make sure that the beardy ones don't drink soup in front of me, lol. Yucks. Girls are usually hairless or at least shave them