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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A night to remember

This is the picture of the 2007 class of 5sc1 and 5sc2 of SMK Sungai Maong (chicken not included)

Andrea has LONG HAIR (chick sitting on the floor, right)

Mei Shan has the look of a teacher (sitting on the floor center, behind the chicken)

Senk Siang slimmed down (dude with Red shirt and army pants)

Cyril is sexier than ever (boys front row, second right)

We went to Hartz Chicken (yeah, yeah lame) but seeing everyone, well almost everyone around, makes me feel happy again.

I got a lot of compliments from my friends, I have a lot on them too, lol.
I can see that everyone, (almost everyone) has matured a lot since I last saw them
Its great

Funny, I used to think they are a bunch of backstabbing bitches who have no lives but to ruin others
Now I can see that they are some normality in them
I can also see that I am compassionate and nice
and not insensitive.
I mean, I genuinely feel happy and sad for them

Also, I vacuumed a lot of food, lol.
My ice-cream reminds me of a pile of snot.
Anyway, Hartz Chicken is a crappy place for a reunion
I mean its a great place to dine for all of us cheap bastards
But I prefer a more private and reserved area.

I would definiely think that some friendships can be formed with some of them where in the past, it seems deadly impossible
People change.
Opinions change too.

Its a fun time, too bad not everyone can join us
I actually can give you a list of people that were not here.
Cause I am kinda close to some of them

  1. Jeremy (yeah, wish you were here bud)
  2. Chai Lee Chin (she missed it, dunno why though)
  3. Catherine Yeo ( she is no longer boring, I hear! She is happy and has a personality)
  4. Joesphine (Matriculation)
  5. Chin Hui Ting (Matriculation)
  6. Luke (Matriculation)
  7. Franco (Matriculation)
  8. Vincent (Matriculation)
  9. Michelle Lim (Sunway College, Selangor. All the best)
  10. Brigid (Adelaide, good luck nurse!)
  11. Melissa ( Saying HI then flew all the way back to Adelaide)
  12. Wong Xiang Lun (Lost case, sorry. Forgot about you, lol. I thought Liong Yew told you.)
  13. Ying Ying (Books more important than friends? LOL. But at least you studied, cause I totally screwed up this time)
  14. Victor (Uh, he is GREAT in music)
This is a RARE post.
  1. Brendan is HAPPY
  2. Brendan is NICE
  3. Brendan has nothing bad to say about people
  4. Brendan has NICE things to say about his EX-CLASSMATES
The hatchet is buried long ago
My evil grievance has officially ended
I think its time to change this EXTREMELY SAD blogskin and template.
Time for a makeover
Cleaner, happier and more of a man.

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Mysterious God Of Light said...

Glad to see that coming.
Hope you all the best in your new changes.

God Bless =)