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Friday, December 05, 2008

Gary has a blonde moment

Lecturer: If you don't you use your head but your other head, bla bla bla (boring stuff)

Jamie taps at Gary

Jamie: You know what head he just said?

Gary: No

Brendan: Dickhead!

Gary: Oh, Hahaha.

Yes, yes. Moral studies, premarital sex.
Saying its a sin
Its a something
Well, whatever it is its bad.
Can't wait for them to touch on homosexuality
I am a Democrat!!!
I am open-minded, free Ala Amsterdam, Holland

In Amsterdam,
Prostitution is legal
Girls show thier hanging tits on the display window
Guys can make out with guys in public.
Marijuana is also legal
also GAY marriage is legal
I want girls to touch each other, yeah, so hot

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