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Monday, December 15, 2008

When I was supposed to study, I...

I am supposed to prepare for my Malaysian Studies exam which is like on TOMORROW!!!!!!
But during the weekend of spare time which I am supposed to study.
Well, I did a few things

I hung out with Derrick, my cousin
I IMed Aini till 2 in the morning or something cause
a. I am bored
b. I don't wanna join my parents for breakfast. ( wanna sleep, lol)

I played Dynasty Warriors 6 SPECIAL
The PS2 version but its in Japanese
Luckily there are walkthroughs in net so I have no problem with it
Gonna do a FULL review later.
English versions unfortunately are not compatible with my player, sad
I am forced to understand Japanese
Luckily, I can make out some of the missions and objectives

I RAIDED Padini (literally)
You know that if my mom did not stop me at 4 shirts, I would probably raid the whole store?
Imagine, how happy Padini Designers are
Imagine how happy I would be
Imagine how full my closet is
Imagine me being Padini's spokesman (This is where you find a bucket and puke if you hate my guts)

I went shopping and I shopped for stuff including a new number, lol
But its for weekend purposes only
and to not allow Darren to steal my precious Sony Ericsson
I am still using my original number
its in my Dopod now
I still prefer iPhone (hello? Apple freak!)
Why am I telling you this?
You guys wouldn't even care about my cell phone, lol

Oh, I went shopping with my grandma
She went to those local, small little shops that are like frozen in time, in front of the moving world.
Which is really exciting since well, you know, blonde and all
I mean, whoever heard of FERMENTED TOFU?
She bought a couple of groceries and stuff
I was the butler, my mom was the chauffeur, lol


And I think that's about it
I am gonna be so dead tomorrow
Cause I just can't concentrate
Whether it be slides or notes
It just ain't working

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