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Monday, December 15, 2008

Just a Dream

Brendan was sitting in his living room when KATE HUDSON dropped in!
OMG, like I so totally can't believe it
she wore a suit, and said that she saw my performance
and then offered me to audition for a role in a movie that she was producing
and so I followed her to her car and we drove off
Along the way, I saw my neighborhood being very cheery.
Christmas decorations were hanging everywhere even though the heat was sweltering
Even truck drivers are festive

A thunderous knock was implied on to my bedroom door
Followed by a REAL LOUD 'BRENDAN!'
courtesy of my dear brother, Ryan

Dream Over, fuck.

And there I was, thinking that I would be in Hollywood by now.
Then Ryan said 'Daddy called you'
I like so totally knew it
That man has a very great talent with impeccable timing.
He always calls when something important is happening to me!
Even if it was a dream, it is STILL IMPORTANT
Chi Bye!!!

So then, I am already moody, I went down
And there he was
As usual, rambling something and channeling anger at me again
What to do?
I am his little trash can for his anger
He thinks is my duty to sit there while calls me a useless sleazebag and other explicit
Like some fucking whipping boy.
I am NOT HIS WIFE!!!!!!!!!
The fucking world doesn't revolve around him ya know?

If I didn't do what he says, guess what?
He threatens to pull me off my higher education, using things that value and are important to me a lot and use them to blackmail me.
Fuck him.
During high school, he always use the threat that he is gonna send me to a local university instead of Aussieland if I did not obey him

Now the time comes
His excuse?
'I think your momma is suicidal and crazy, please stay here for a few years till Darren is old enough to take over.'
Say you no money, enough liao ma
Seeing how much you spend on lotto, I already know.
Oh wait, your eldest son, only.
My aunt is also another thing
She was supposed to help me, in the end, where is my help?
All of these promises are fake.

Now, as I sit here, in front of this computer, thinking
Are my dreams merely dreams
Are my dreams meant to be wasted?
I have a lot of aspirations and passion in entertainment and literature.
Business, is a way to expand that, I guess.

If you see me trying to seduce rich, white people
Please don't be shock.
You will understand
The only thing that makes me feel like I wanna live, is my dreams of becoming a star.

Btw, I am sleepy and extremely grouchy
So, the probability of me failing is 50%
So, it sucks, period
I hope he no call me during test.

Oh, by the way, Chris called
Like after 3 weeks since his last one.
Little bastard.

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Josh.p.Leo.C.k said...

LoL the way you curse is amusing, not that I support the cursing in any way XD.. hang on dude, rough patch there but theres always light at the end of the black black tunnel... or hole.... lol <--bein optimistic