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Sunday, December 28, 2008

300th post, 2008 is finally over.

2008, honestly, in essence was not a great year for me.
Heck, to be honest, my last great year was 2006.
2007 was plagued by SPM, follow by a huge, public meltdown.
and 2008 is not without its fender benders as well.

It started with National Service, NS.
Which I am sad because of 2 things
especially number 2.
  1. That I could have gone to school much earlier
  2. That some bastard made my sideburns uneven, till now, its still fucking uneven, one side longer than the other.
  3. The friends I made there, about half of them are fake. '
  4. I lost 8kg, now I gained them back
Then came to college where I look at a college to call home
Curtin, nope. Too far
KDU, UTAR, Taylors and Sedaya nope,nope, nope and nope
KDU, my uncle thinks the people are just there to play
UTAR on the other hand was not in my cards
I wanted Taylors but for some problem, cannot be achieved
Sedaya, well, lost cause.

Which ended up me working for 3 months, bad mistake
I should have so totally joined March intake at Swinburne.
Swinburne is not my first choice cause
  1. I wanted journalism
  2. Its in Kuching, I wanna switch scenery.
My driving skills sucked real bad due to very short intervals of driving for nearly a year.
Luckily I was able to get it on track before 2009 starts.

Then, there were few near deaths experiences, like almost stabbed and almost being ran over.

Adding insult to injury, I have a boyfriend and then I have no boyfriend.
I thought that I am going to finally have a girlfriend till she reveals that she has boyfriend who is thankfully not the boyfriend aforementioned.

I gained friends, lost them and regained them.

I have absolutely no BALLS to enter the Swinburne gym. Because
  1. No friends who are buff maniacs or desperately in need to look hot
  2. For some reason, the guys look hotter than me
In short, I was intimidated.

My relationship with my mother has worsened.

My Laptop (Andes) has anti virus haywire.

I feel lonely and depressed at times, I have my moments.

But 2008 is not without good ones too.

The real ones and I stuck close... for the first few months after NS.

Swinburne was sort of bittersweet, friends were made, lost and regained

I got a new car, laptop, camera and iPod.

My relationship with my dad has gotten better, although in general still kinda bad.

Single life means only me, so it has been better,

Travelled to KL, Miri, Labuan and Limbang.

Matured a lot

A bit more positive in life

Nicer and less bitchier blog.

So yeah, 2008 is bittersweet though it taste more bitter.
I wished that 2009 will be an incredible and successful year to me
Both in career and life.
I also wish everyone to have a better 2009
We are reached towards the end of a decade.
I wish you, my readers well, with all my sincere heart.
You know that I am blatantly honest about people at times
So trust me, I really mean you well, with all my heart.

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