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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I am getting popular!!!!!

Having haters and bad critics only means one thing
I am getting popular

Though I sometimes still do prefer my blog to be private
But I am bold
Making it public
Making bold statements
like 2 guys kissing each other are as hot as 2 girls kissing each other.

I know at times I may sound a little creepy, exterme and erratic
But its a part of my personality
That's why I am call unique
I am not a person who blogs about the minor mundane things about my life
I do blog things that are outspoken or virtually unacceptable to the norm of a very outdated, traditional and conservative society
Plus, some people think my volcabulary is a little too complex
Some people feel stupid after reading my blog, then has the damn nerve to say that my blog is crap

Though yeah, I do still sometimes complain about things
but its genetic, what to do?

I felt like I have matured a bit since after attending Swinburne
But I don't think its the place
Its having friends who care
I guess
I am glad that I have people to hang out with
No matter how much or how few
Hey, if I am alone
I can always crawl and hibernate in a hole surrounded by an emotionless wall
Writing a book, publishing it
and earn lots of bucks, lol
Though to tell you the truth
I tried writing a book once but I got stuck and gave up

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