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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Puppy Love

And they call it Puppy Love
Oh, I will guess that they'll never know
How a young heart really feels
And they call it... Puppy Love

Yeah, I sorta want to be the power couple in Swinburne
At least I look better than a pathetic excuse for a power couple who are a bunch of street trash, future trailer park dwellers in a certain high school I used to attend
*ahem ahem*

Couples here, couples there
Couples everywhere
Oh what joy would I have
If I am in a couple, yeah.

So lonely you know that
Comma so gay and I are like on an unofficial non talking basis
Which is sad
Cause I kinda missed talking to him.
He's a fun dude
Now we look like we wanna seduce Hsun Yuan, lol
Sad really
Well I don't even know that he reads my blog or not
But whatever I said that has hurt him
Well, just wanna say that I am sorry
I am never good with apologies

I also kinda need a girlfriend beside me
But honestly, I am kinda scared
Cause well, my mom and all
Not because my mom being over protective and disapproving
I got that covered
But because my mom being well, very embarrassing
Seriously, very embarrassing
I mean, I bought a totally talkative GUY, GUY HAH
Then she started to blah blah blah about my secrets, dirty habits and well other dirty little secrets (pornos)
The fact that my relationship with hers is like a lunatic mother and a gay, cynical, emo, Blair Waldorf type son.
No wonder girls don't fling themselves at me
They thought that I am a momma's boy/gay son
Yeah, yeah
I always accompany my mom shopping
First born and mommy bonding and all

Its usually like this (weekends)
Dad goes golfing or be with my grams
Momma and considered-to-be-gay-son go shopping
Ah Beng will be torturing Andes (laptop) with hours and hours of DOTA
Fucking game
Little monster will be either playing PS2, Lego or watching TV
If not, he is up to trouble.

I dunno what to do
I would try and just live my life
Have fun
Hopefully get an exotic, non Asian wife
Hey, excuse me, some Asian girl's boobies are just not up to my standards, sorry
Sometimes, I don't think there are even any
Sorry, but I want long legs, 34C boobs, long hair,round ass, fit, not thin nor fat or at least she looks thinner and smaller with me at the side to compare, height, not an issue, must have supermodel looks (joking)
And after that
I am going to pull an Angelina Jolie
but maybe not that much kids
2 is fine
One biological
One adopted from some country
Maybe an infant from some poor African or South African country, lol

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